Extra Fuel Economy Lubricants



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We already covered the benchmark test that compared the first fully synthetic engine oil worldwide, RAVENOL EFE 0W-16 with API SN specs and the engine oil SAE 5W-30 ACEA C3 that is particularly popular in Germany.

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Now please draw your attention to the benchmark test of the original Toyota 0W-16 engine oil and our engine oil RAVENOL EFE 0W-16 that was executed by the independent German laboratories Oelcheck and ISP. To make it easier to understand the test results we were provided with we opted to turn them into a visual information presentation (see Infografik).

RAVENOL specialises in the production of fully synthetic lubricants based on poly-alpha-olefins for motor racing and other particularly demanding service conditions. The formula of the engine oil RAVENOL EFE 0W-16 contains – in addition to PAO – highly polar basis components of the fifth group of base oils.

The result: the engine oil RAVENOL EFE 0W-16 outperforms the original engine oil Toyota 0W-16 in the most important technical areas.

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