Introducing Ravenol

Welcome to the world of RAVENOL high performance  lubricants.

Thanks for taking the time to read our inaugural blog post, and on behalf of the team behind Ravenol South Africa, I would like to  welcome you to RAVENOL high performance lubricants.

What is Ravenol?

Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbHin Germany, better known as Ravenol, is best known for their wide range of high performance lubricants. Ravenol’s oils are designed to clean and protect your engine and by doing so extend the life of your engine. They are used around the world by those who value their vehicles.

What makes Ravenol oils the better choice?

Ravenol is known as a leader in the field of automotive lubrication. This is best seen with them having over 70 OEM approvals, more than any other oil brand*.  Ravenol is also the first company to produce a motor oil with license approval from API with its specification API SN and viscosity SAE 0W-16.

Ravenol sources the best base oils from around the oil. Combined with our advanced engine additives, our oils with keep your engine cleaner and for longer and reduces the risk of future engine failure.

With Ravenol you have safety in knowing that we have an oil that will be a perfect fit for your requirements and meet the exact requirements of your vehicles manufacturer. More often than not, we will also have the correct OEM approvals.

We have a wide range of oils that can be best broken down into the following groups:

  • Automotive oils
  • Racing oils
  • Motorcycles oils
  • Marine oils
  • Commercial oils
  • Car Care product

Where can you buy Ravenol?

Currently you will be able to purchase any of our products directly from our shop in Observatory, Cape Town or via our soon to be live web store. If you are unsure what you need please call one of our technical experts, who will be happy to assist.

A number of workshops around Cape Town have already adopted us as their go to lubrication partner. You can specifically ask your workshop to use Ravenol oils, after all, why settle for anything less?

* based on the latest Dekra Betriebsstoff Liste

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