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RAVENOL Automatik-Getriebe-Oel Dexron VI is an automatic transmission oil ATF on the basis of the latest technology of the HC/HT hydrocrack oils which is approved by General Motors for the use in vehicles with automatic transmissions. Because of the special formulation the durability is twice the time as a comparable ATF oil.

RAVENOL Automatik-Getriebe-Oel Dexron VI fulfils the transmission oil specifications of General Motors for all vehicles with hydramatic – automatic transmissions from 2006.

DEXRON VI is a registered brand name of General Motors Corporation.

Application Notes

RAVENOL Automatik-Getriebe-Oel Dexron VI is recommended for all GM vehicles with hydramatic – automatic transmissions from 2006.

RAVENOL Automatik-Getriebe-Oel Dexron VI is completely downward compatible with DEXRON III (H)-, III- and IIE-applications. Follow the recommendations of the instruction manual of your vehicle.

Quality Classifications


Dexron®-VI, Erfüllt die Spezifikation GMN 10060


General Motors Lizenz-Nr. J-60331, MB-Approval 236.41

Practice and tested in aggregates with filling

BMW 83220397114, BMW 83222167720, GM1940184, GM93165414


RAVENOL Automatik-Getriebe-Oel Dexron VI offers:

  • phenomenal resistance of lubricant failure under hard operating conditions
  • a longer oil durability, extension of the durability of the transmission, offers longer changing intervals
  • phenomenal resistance of oil sludge and deposit accumulation
  • much better oxidation resistance and thermic stability than DEXRON III (H) ATF
  • an excellent corrosion protection, a much better foaming resistance for a smooth switching operation as well
  • as a lower corrosion of the bearings, sleeves and gear wheels
  • an excellent flow behaviour at low temperatures
  •   a constant switching operation performance, optimised friction characteristics
  • prevention of coupling grinding regarding modulation rotary conversion
  •  a longer durability of oil and coupling, offers a smooth switching operation at low temperatures
  • much better fuel economy and torque transfer than DEXRON III (H) ATF
  • an improved shear stability
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