Autopolitur (Teflon Car Polish)

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RAVENOL Autopolitur car polish is a high-gloss finish for car, boat and caravan with Teflon.
RAVENOL Autopolitur is suitable for all types of automotive coatings as well as for the chrome, wheels and wheel cleaning.
RAVENOL Autopolitur removes tar, insects, and oxidation are, dull paint again shine.

Application Notes

RAVENOL Autopolitur is easily applied with a polishing cloth and polished with cotton wool.
RAVENOL Autopolitur is simple and easy to use.
Shake well before use. Protects from frost.


RAVENOL Autopolitur offers:

  • antistatic
  • a super long-term protection
  • made a strong finish
  • car wash is fixed
  • is weather resistant
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