Kettenoel Off Road Spray


RAVENOL Kettenöl Off Road Spray is a chain grease which is especially developed for the chain lubrication under extreme loads of motor cross bikes and Quads.

RAVENOL Kettenöl Off Road Spray is suitable for chains with or without ring sealings. It is recommended for O and X-rings.

RAVENOL Kettenöl Off Road Spray has optimum applications in the country because dirt will be thrown-off easily because of the reduced adhesion.

RAVENOL Kettenöl Off Road Spray is water-repellent and has an effective protection against corrosion.

RAVENOL Kettenöl Off Road Spray provides a greaseless sealing of the total surface because of a high PTFE solid part.

Application Notes

Handling: Shake well before use. Surfaces must be dry, dust-free and free of grease.

Apply finely RAVENOL Kettenöl Off Road Spray. Spray finely again after approximately 2 minutes.

Let it dry well before loading.


RAVENOL Kettenöl Off Road Spray offers:

  • excellent adhesive capacity, no dropping and throw-of
  • economical consumption
  • wax-like drying film, therefore no adhesion of dirt
  • water-repellent, extreme protection against corrosion
  • excellent damping capability
  • excellent penetrating power
  • aging resistance even against aggressive mediums
  • low coefficient of friction, low corrosion
  • extreme UV resistance
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