Kettenöl Reiniger Spray


RAVENOL Kettenöl Reiniger Spray is a spray cleaner. Cleans thoroughly motor bike chains (off-road and country use) as well as  chains of other vehicles.

RAVENOL Kettenöl Reiniger Spray removes quickly and completely deposits, oil, grease and dirt. Removes automatically and thoroughly crusted deposits and allows a quick and effective cleaning with low effort.

RAVENOL Kettenöl Reiniger Spray has a powerful effect because of high quality ingredients. Dries quickly.

RAVENOL Kettenöl Reiniger Spray improves the adhesive capacity and the spreading of the new chain spray.

RAVENOL Kettenöl Reiniger Spray is chlorine-free. There are no ozone-depleting ingredients.

Application Notes

Handling: Spray the parts well which are concerned with RAVENOL Kettenöl Reiniger Spray. Short application time. Check for plastic and varnish compatibility by a preliminary test.


RAVENOL Kettenöl Reiniger Spray offers:

  • a very good cleaning efficiency, removes deposits completely
  • a high evaporation number, dries quickly
  • cleans residue-free
  • protection against immediate rusting
  • powerful effect because of high quality synthetic ingredients
  • no ozone-depleting ingredients
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