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RAVENOL LKW FETT BLAU  is a lithium saponified multipurpose grease on mineral basis with oxidation and corrosion protective additives.

Because of its special additivation RAVENOL LKW FETT BLAU has an excellent pressure absorption capacity, excellent corrosion protection characteristics and a superior mechanical stability.

Application Notes

RAVENOL LKW FETT BLAU  is used for the lubrication of high loaded friction and antifriction bearings of trucks and construction machines even under the influence of humidity, vibration and shock loading. Functional range from – 30°C up + 150 °C (maximum + 220 °C). NLGI class 2. Extended lubrication intervals.

Quality Classifications

RAVENOL LKW FETT BLAU is tried and tested for aggregates specifying:


DIN 51 502: KP2N-30, ISO 6743 Part 9: ISO-L-XCDIB2, VOLVO STD “Lubricating grease 97720”


MAN 283 Li-P2, MB-Approval 267.0


RAVENOL LKW FETT BLAU is characterised by the following:

  • an extreme shear stability
  • an excellent corrosion protection
  • a very good mechanical and chemical stability
  • a very good aging resistant
  • a good pump output also at low temperatures
Characteristics Unit Data Audit
Colour blue visual
Thickener Lithium-Komplexseifen
NLGI-Class 2 DIN 51 818
DIN-Product-Classification KP2N-30 DIN 51 502
ISO-Product-Classification ISO-L-XCDIB2 ISO 6743 P.9
Working Temperature °C -30 / +140 DIN 51 825
Short Term up to °C 220
Worked Penetration 60 strokes mm/10 bei 25°C 265-295 ISO 2137
Corrosion (SKF Emcor dist. Water) Corr. Degree 0 DIN 51 802
Dropping Point °C 220 DIN ISO 2176
Copper Corrosion (24h/120°C) 1 DIN 51 811
Water Resistance (3h/90°C) °C 1-90 DIN 51 807 T.1
VKA Pressure Carrying Capacity N 2200 – 2400 DIN 51 350 T.4
Kinematic Viscosity (Base Oil) mm²/s bei 40°C 220 DIN 51562-1

All indicated data are approximate values and are subject to the commercial fluctuations.

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