Motogear SAE 10W-30 GL-4

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RAVENOL Motogear SAE 10W-30 GL-4  is a semi synthetic multi-grade motorcycle gear oil based on the latest synthetic technology together with special esters, specifically formulated for easy operation even under extreme operating conditions. Designed for use in both 2-and 4-stroke machines with separate gear lubrication and wet clutch, it allows accurate and smooth shifting and prevents the clutch slipping. Forms a highly resistant lubricating film which protects under all operating conditions.

Application Notes
RAVENOL Motogear SAE 10W-30 GL-4 is suitable for year round use in all modern Japanese motorcycles, both 2- and 4-stroke, which require this grade of gear lubrication.

Quality Classification:
is tried and tested for aggregates specifying:
Specification: API GL-4, SAE 10W-30
Recommendation: YAMAHA

Technical characteristics:

RAVENOL Motogear SAE 10W-30 GL-4 offers:
  • fast lubrication and rapid circulation under all operating temperatures.
  • a heavy-duty lubricant film under all operating conditions.
  • precise, smooth shifting, no clutch slippage.
  • excellent detergent and dispersant capabilities and a high resistance to aging.
  • compatible with all types of sealing materials.

    Technical Values:

    The technical values may be seen by downloading the pdf below.

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