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RAVENOL Motor Starter Spray is a mixture of combustible solvents and compressed gases formulated to make it suitable for use in all petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars, trucks, construction equipment, all types of marine and boat engines, as well as agricultural equipment. Provides a safe and secure cold start even in the coldest temperatures, whilst helping to preserve battery and starter motor life. Although not intended as a long-term solution, RAVENOL Motor Starter Sprayis designed to be ideal for occasional cold start problems.

Application Notes

Spray RAVENOL Motor Starter Spray for approx 2-3 seconds directly into the air filter or air intake and start the engine immediately.

For petrol engines, only a small touch on the accelerator whilst turning the starter should suffice to successfully start the engine.

For diesel engines, fully depress the accelerator at the same time as starting the engine – do not allow glow plugs/heating elements to activate before starting.


RAVENOL Motor Starter Spray offers:

  • Suitability for petrol and diesel engines
  •  Provides secure cold start
  • Improves the startup properties even after long periods of disuse
  • Economical in use
  • For easy and safe ignition even in the coldest of climates
  • Helps to protect and preserve the life of batteries and starter motors.
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