Oil Drum Pump


RAVENOL oil drum pump is a cam cylinder metal pump with 2″- thread, telescopic suction tube and outlet manifolds.

The steel telescope suction tube can be extended to a required length of up to 90 cm and allows the use in 60 to 200 liter drums.

RAVENOL oil drum pump is suitable for:

  • Engine, hydraulic and transmission oils up to SAE 90
  • Waste oil, diesel, petroleum, fuel oil and other non-corrosive fluids.


RAVENOL oil drum pump has a capacity of about 0.45 liters / stroke.

Application Notes


  • Fit the outlet pipe (5) at the pump outlet and tighten the nut (4) securely.
  • CAUTION: Make sure that the seal (3) is attached to the nut (4) before the outlet pipe (5) is screwed to the pump.
  • Screw the intake manifold (1) to the pump cylinder (2). Tighten firmly so that no air is attracted.
  • Insert the pump through the 2 “spout of the barrel. Ensure that the suction pipe of the pump (1) reaches the bottom of the drum. Screw the pump in the bunghole.
  • Operate the pump with several fast pumping movements until liquid comes out of the spout.
  • CAUTION: When the pump is not in use, leave the pump lever (7) in the upper position so that the piston in the cylinder is at the bottom.


Problems and their solution:

Symptoms Possible causes solution
Pump does not work. The suction pipe (1) does not reach into the liquid.The barrel is empty. Reduce intake manifold (1).
Pump can not be put into operation. The intake manifold (1) is loose. Tighten the intake manifold (1).
Fluid emerges from the nut (6). The nut (6) is loose. Tighten the nut (6).
Liquid passes through the nut (4) at the outlet. The nut (4) is loose.

The seal (3) is damaged.

Tighten the nut (4).

Replace the gasket (3).


Characteristics Unit Data Audit
Displacement capacity per lever movement Feed pipe 0.45L
Material (suction pipe, run-out, piston) steel
Material (pump cylinder) Zamak
Material (seals) NBR

All indicated data are approximate values and are subject to the commercial fluctuations.

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