PSF-Y Fluid

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RAVENOL PSF-Y Fluid is a fully synthetic steering fluid based on PAO with special additives and inhibition for excellent lubricating.

Due to its special formulation the properties of RAVENOL PSF-Y Fluid are crucial. We assure an excellent cold stability.

Application Notes

RAVENOL PSF-Y Fluid is specially designed for use in the latest power steering of Volkswagen, Mercedes and Chrysler.

Please note: Follow manufacturer’s original equipment number!

Quality Classifications

RAVENOL PSF-Y Fluid corresponds to:

Practice and tested in aggregates with filling

VW G009300A2, Mercedes A0009898803, MB 236.3, Chrysler 05098158A, MS-5931, MS-9933, MS-10838, 04883077, GM 9985010, 89020661, 1050017, Mopar 05142893AA, Texaco TL 4634, HONDA 08206-9002/08285-P99-01Z-T1


RAVENOL PSF-Y Fluid offers:

  • Extremely low pour point
  • Improved viscosity and coefficient of friction behaviour
  • A very good protection against consumption
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Improved EP-characteristics
  • A good foaming behaviour
  • Neutral behaviour towards sealing materials
  • Reliable protection against corrosion
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