RAVENOL WIV III SAE 5W-30 is a fully synthetic fuel-saving engine oil, with CleanSynto®  technology, which combines the high standards for gasoline and diesel engines (pump-nozzle diesel with particulate filter).

RAVENOL WIV III SAE 5W-30 prolongs the life of the diesel particulate filter by decreased exhaust concentration of ash-forming particles. Harmful emissions into the environment are reduced. High security by high protection of the motors.

Application Notes

RAVENOL WIV III SAE 5W-30 is suitable for all Volkswagen vehicles (except R5 and V10 – TDI- Pumpe-Düse- Engines with or without DPF ( for example in Phaeton and Touareg) with or without Longlife-Service).

RAVENOL WIV III SAE 5W-30 can be used in engines with the following specifications:

VW 504 00 (Gasoline-Engines) acc. to specifications VW 501 01, VW 502 00, VW 503 00, VW 503 01, VW 505 01

VW 507 00 (Diesel-Engines) acc. to specifications VW 505 00, VW 505 01, VW 506 00, VW 506 01 (see exceptions!)

RAVENOL WIV III SAE 5W-30 is not suitable for  specification VW 506 01 for

a) Engines with LongLife Service (QG1): Diesel-Engines (R5-, V10 TDI Pumpe-Düse) with or without DPF

b) Engines without LongLife Service: R5-, V10 TDI Pumpe-Düse with or without DPF.

For this we recommend RAVENOL WIV SAE 0W-30 with specification Longlife II: VW 503 00 / 506 00 / 506 01.

Quality Classifications

RAVENOL WIV III SAE 5W-30 is approved, tried and tested for aggregates specifying:




VW 504 00 / 507 00 (for Europe and Northamerica)

Practice and tested in aggregates with filling

Porsche C30 (Cayenne V6 (except China) and Cayenne Diesel)



  • A special low-friction characteristic and an excellent performance by special additives.
  •  An excellent engine protection even after a cold start and under tougher conditions.
  • Guarantees rapid lubrication of the engine at low temperatures even below -25 ° C and a sufficiently thick lubricant  film for high-speed runs even at oil temperatures of 150 ° C.
  • Guaranteed for maximum engine cleanliness and wear protection with reduced fuel consumption (Fuel Economy character).
  • The function of the hydraulic ram is guaranteed at all temperatures through an adequate oil pressure.
  • Neutral towards sealing materials.
  • Security against silting, coking, coatings and corrosion, even under adverse conditions.
Characteristics Unit Data Audit
Colour brown visual
Density at 20°C kg/m³ 850 EN ISO 12185
Viscosity at 40°C mm²/s 73,4 DIN 51 562
Viscosity at 100°C mm²/s 11,9 DIN 51 562
Viscosity index VI 160 ISO 2909
Flash point (COC) °C 200 ISO 2592
Pourpoint °C -33 ISO 3016

All indicated data are approximate values and are subject to the commercial fluctuations.

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