Rostlöser mit MoS2 Spray (Penetrating oil with Moly)

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RAVENOL Rostlöser MoS2 Spray  is designed for the effective loosening of rusted connections, seized bolts, hinges and locks as well as offering short term water and moisture displacement from ignition contacts and electrical systems. Contains finely dispersed molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) solid lubricant for excellent lubrication properties and to provide long term protection against squeaks and creaks . Formulated to be free
of chlorinated solvents.

Application Notes

RAVENOL Rostlöser MoS2 Spray  is suitable for use wherever moving parts need to be kept smooth and free of corrosion in all types of motor vehicles, motorcycles, marine craft, machinery, tools, lawnmowers, trimmers etc. Also ideal for use on winches, blocks, chains, wire ropes, throttle cables and all other applications where a penetrating, water displacing lubricant is required.


RAVENOL Rostlöser mit MoS2 Spray offers:
• Finely dispersed MoS2 solid lubricant promote excellent lubrication properties
• Relaxes and loosens seized screw connections
• Excellent water displacement of ignition contacts and electrical systems
• Extremely high creep for rapid penetration
• Protects metal parts from corrosion
• Prevents squeaking and creaking

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