STF Synchromesh Transmission Fluid


RAVENOL STF Synchromesh Transmission Fluid is a fully synthetic transmission oil based on high-quality synthetic base oils with a special additive treatment and inhibition ensuring trouble-free transmission function. This exceeds the needs of today’s application requirements.

RAVENOL STF Synchromesh Transmission Fluid is a specially developed, modern transmission oil for manual transmissions and transfer cases by GM and Chrysler. Guarantees maximum wear protection under any operating conditions.


Application Notes

RAVENOL STF Synchromesh Transmission Fluid is especially suited for the following GM and Chrysler manual transmissions and transfer gearboxes: New Venture Gear NV T350, NV 1500, NV 2550, NV 3500, NV 3550, NV 5600 Chrysler NSG370 for Jeep Liberty 2005-2008, Jeep Wrangler 2005- , Chrysler Crossfire Tremec T4, T5, T18, T56, T176, TKO500, TKO600, TR 3450 and TR 3550.

Not for use in hypoid gear rear axles or limited slip.


Quality Classifications

Practice and tested in aggregates with filling

Chrysler MS-9417, Chrysler MS-9224, Chrysler MS-4874464, Chrysler MS-4874465, General Motors 12345349, General Motors 9985648, General Motors 1052931, General Motors 12377916, General Motors 9985535, General Motors 12345577, General Motors 9986105


RAVENOL STF Synchromesh Transmission Fluid offers:
• A high pressure stable lubricating film even at high oil temperatures and under high stress.
• Outstanding shearing stability and excellent thermal stability.
• Excellent viscosity-temperature properties.
• High oxidation stability.
• Excellent wear protection, outstanding EP properties.
• Low foaming properties even at high speeds.
• Good shifting behaviour even in low temperatures, extremely low pour point.
• Extended life.
• A stable lubricating film even at high oil temperatures and under high stress.


Characteristics Unit Data Audit
Colour braun
Density at 20°C kg/m³ 846 EN ISO 12185
Viscosity at 40°C mm²/s 38,3 DIN 51 562
Viscosity at 100°C mm²/s 7,31 DIN 51 562
Viscosity index VI 159 DIN ISO 2909
Flash point (COC) °C 194 DIN ISO 2592
Pourpoint °C -60 DIN ISO 3016

All indicated data are approximate values and are subject to the commercial fluctuations.

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