4- stroke motorbikes:

For 4-stroke motorcycles with wet clutches the JASO MA certification is very important. In this specification the parameters for wet clutches in motorcycles are tested. In the JASO MA standard an additional test for clutch friction value is necessary which exceeds the API requirements. In the latest JASO MA2 standard the ever-increasing torques values of modern motorcycle engines are considered. The JASO MA2 specification represents a higher coefficient of friction for wet clutches and thus an optimal coupling compatibility with extremely high torque. JASO MA2 is backward compatible with JASO MA, which is still valid and is recommended by many motorcycle manufacturers as a minimum standard.


RAVENOL Motobike products are designed specifically for motorcyclists and their high performance bikes. A special composition of additives offers optimum protection even under the harshest riding conditions. Many of our oils for motorcycles, scooters and quads are listed in the Japan Lubricating Oil Society (JALOS) file. This file was developed from the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (JASO).

Ravenol has a wide range of lubricants designed specifically for all motorcycles. The range consists of a variety of 2 and 4-stroke fully synthetic, semi synthetic and mineral oils. The range is designed for wet clutch operation (JASO MA/MA2) and includes a range of specific gear oils, final drive oils, quad oils, fork oils and more.


The Ravenol range of Scooter Oils includes 2 and 4 stroke motor oils, mineral, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic options for all Scooter owners.