Since 2004, when Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH (RAVENOL) decided to once again become involved in racing, the RAVENOL Brand has become firmly established in numerous motorsport disciplines. After initially entering the national touring car series, the fields of activity have steadily increased over the years to the point where RAVENOL is now the

Technical Partner to both teams and series, in a wide variety of motorsport categories from automotive to motorcycle and even power boat racing.

RAVENOL Racing Oils enjoy the utmost respect throughout the motorsport industry and especially that of numerous engine and transmission manufacturers. There are a large number of competitors using RAVENOL Racing Oils at the Hockenheim-Ring International Touring Car and Sports Car series. These racing teams are successfully using RAVENOL Racing Products. Ongoing technical support is provided to several single seater series, in particular the FIA Formula 3 Championship, where RAVENOL is the official partner.

In Motorsport across the globe RAVENOL is there, working closely with manufacturers, race engineers and drivers to develop some of the most technically advanced lubricants available today. This close connection between RAVENOL and motorsport resulted in the founding, in 2014, of a general partnership with the Hockenheimring GmbH. In addition to the RAVENOL Curve at the Hockenheimring, RAVENOL have built an impressive 13m high RAVENOL oil can on the roof of the Start / Finish building, in the centre of the Formula 1 circuit. This building is now known as RAVENOL House, which will dominate the skyline of the Hockenheimring for many years to come.


As Ravenol South Africa we welcome the opportunity to provide advice and technical support to all racing teams. Our Technical Director’s 25 years experience in the oil industry is available to those motorsport enthusiasts that require advice and guidance on everything from bedding in a flat tappet cam to choosing the correct engine oil for their racing car and then, how often to change it.

We also provide technical talks in order to better understand the relationship between synthetic, hydrocracked and mineral oil performance, transmission fluids, final drive and limited slip differentials and brake fluid performance and their correct choice relative to increasing horsepower.

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