New at RAVENOL: The BioSyntoLub® Racing Eco Series!!

The RAVENOL BioSyntoLub® Racing Eco range is a pioneering range based on renewable raw materials and sets standards as the first CO2-neutral, USDA®-certified product line from a lubricant company in Europe.

What does USDA® mean?

USDA stands for U.S. Department of Agriculture and is a certification for bio-based products. This label promotes the use of renewable raw materials to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and minimise environmental impact. Products with the USDA Bio-Preferred label are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Products with the new ‘BioSyntoLub®- USDA® Certified Bio-based’ product label include four new engine oils and one new transmission oil, available in various pack sizes, which consist of between 50% and 75% renewable raw materials:

✅RAVENOL Racing Eco Synthetic RES SAE 10W-60

✅RAVENOL Racing Eco Competition REC SAE 0W-40

✅RAVENOL Racing Eco Rally RER SAE 5W-50

✅RAVENOL Racing Eco Track RET SAE 5W-40

✅RAVENOL Racing Gear Oil ECO SAE 75W-140

Performance of the products:

A comparison with an engine oil from a well-known competitor shows that the performance of RAVENOL products is minimally affected despite slight differences in individual parameters. The products fulfil all relevant specifications and exhibit outstanding properties such as excellent low-temperature behaviour and wear protection.

Recognisable features of the range

Each product in this range carries the USDA®, BioSyntoLub® and CO2-neutral logo on the label.



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