About Ravenol South Africa

RAVENOL is the brand name for Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH which was founded in 1946 in the small town of Werther in Westphalia by Hans Triebel. Internationally, Ravenol is a highly regarded lubricants brand with a large range of products, that provide lubrication solutions for a wide range of markets. This includes OEM approved lubricants, all automotive lubricants, including workshops and commercial transport, racing, marine, motorcycle and karting lubricants.

Our goal is to grow the Ravenol brand throughout South Africa and establish it as a favourite lubricant amongst motor enthusiasts,  racers and the motoring public.

Ravenol South Africa is headed by Freddi Stafford who has over 30 years experience in the oil industry. He first encountered the brand, when he owned his previous oil company. “It is the only brand of oil I have ever sold where customers would phone to comment on the difference it made in their car or motorbike. It is also the only brand that customers have specifically requested and have not been willing to accept an alternative to.” he says. When the opportunity arose again to be involved with the brand, he jumped at the opportunity.

Ravenol have a huge amount of OEM approvals, more than any other brand worldwide, which means that our customers will get the correct product, not the closest match to what is specified by the manufacturer. It may come as a surprise to many as to how often this is the case, where motor oils with limited and incorrect approvals are recommended to the consumer, due to a lack of knowledge.

With so many OEM approvals, Ravenol make it possible to provide exactly the correct product for every vehicle on the road in South Africa. The Ravenol range includes more than 330 products which consists of 20 different fully synthetic engine oils, all with different OEM approvals, 42 different automatic transmission fluids, 22 different coolants (antifreeze) to name only a few. Automotive lubricant technology has changed significantly over the past 5 to 10 years. In the past, universality was possible between petrol and diesel engine, vehicle manufacturers, turbo and non turbo, cooling system antifreeze’s and automatic transmissions and much more. Those days are well and truly gone forever, with most OEM’s specifying vastly different requirements from year to year, model to model. Even within the same manufacturer, differently specified product are listed. Not following the guidelines of the OEM and using incorrectly specified products can lead to an increase in fuel consumption, excessive engine wear and a reduction in engine life and engine reliability and most importantly, that any legal warranty and guarantee claims may be limited.

Our Location

Our head office, warehouse and shop is conveniently located in Observatory, Cape Town. We are open Monday to Friday. You are also more than welcome to collect any orders directly from us.

For directions on how to find us, please see our Contact Page.

What Makes Us Different

Ravenol, an esteemed International Brand,  serves from our authentic virtue, to delight our customers by adding more value in EVERY conceivable way! Through Innovation, Experience, Understanding, Integrity and Care we supply the correct automotive lubricants for the correct applications with trusted, unrivaled technical advice rounded off by the delightful experience of excellent service.

Experience a true destination shopping experience at our first of its kind Oil Shop – open Monday to Friday.

“We care” is the bottom line!

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