Ravenol launches new RAVENOL USVO® (Ultra Strong Viscosity Oil)

With Ravenol’s USVO oils, RAVENOL now offers “state of the art” products that are second to none. Motorsport lubricant technology is now also available for the street!

Why does RAVENOL offers two quality grades with similar or comparable approvals/ specifications?

Manufacturer specifications such as VW 504 00 / 507 00 cover a variety of aggregates in many different vehicle types, such as a 1.4L TDI in the Volkswagen Polo V, a 3.0L TDI in the Audi Q7 through to the Audi RS6 5.0 TFSI quattro.
The manufacturer specifications can only ever cover a minimum requirement for average use, but not different driving styles and areas of usage and the resulting strains. An AUDI RS6 with over 500 hp is generally driven in a different way to a Volkswagen 1.4L Polo. The lubricants used in such vehicles are therefore also subject to greater levels of strain, for example as a result of shear forces and higher operating temperatures.
In order to offer both groups of customers a product which is tailored to their requirements, RAVENOL offers OEM-grade and USVO-grade products and the latter significantly exceed manufacturer specifications. Ravenol customers now have the choice of which technology to choose.
The special feature of the new RAVENOL USVO® oils is that they have almost no shear losses due to their special formulation of selected base oils and additives.

STRAKKA RACING rely on RAVENOL braking power in Le Mans

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the most important and awaited race of the year for every motorsport enthusiast in the world. This third round of the Word Endurance Championship is not only iconic but victory on this challenging track is also one of the most lusted for by teams and drivers. Winning in Le Mans is very special to any racing driver and will be remembered for the rest of his life.

This 2016 edition looks just as exciting as in previous years as everybody will have their eyes on the top teams battling for the front row.

In the very competitive LMP2 Category, STRAKKA RACING have been showing strong pace so far in the season. Preparation is everything in endurance racing and this season the British team is relying on RAVENOL products to achieve their best result so far.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the longest and the most demanding race of the season so performance and reliability is key to make it to the finish line. The STRAKKA RACING Gibson S015 is relying on RAVENOL R325+ racing brake fluid to ensure that the drivers have absolute confidence when braking at the high speeds attained at Le Mans.

Jonny Kane, regular STRAKKA RACING driver in the WEC gives his thoughts on braking performance at Le Mans

“Braking is one of the most crucial aspects of sports-car racing as the brakes have to withstand long periods of very hard use. I’m always looking for consistency during a stint behind the wheel, or at Le Mans, over the whole race. You don’t want the pedal starting to go soft later in the race as doubt will creep in and you start to lose time.  Using the RAVENOL Racing Brake Fluid in the car provides me with the confidence to keep attacking, right up to the very last corner. Le Mans in particular is extremely hard on brakes. You have to transfer so much energy through the brakes and we have multiple high speed braking points over the lap. You’ve also got the demands during the pit-stops where we have to really slow the car down to hit the pit lane speed at the last split second and then I need the car to stop on the marks in the pit box.”

Not only do all three drivers rely on the stopping power of RAVENOL R325+ Racing Brake Fluid, the race engineers too are impressed with its performance.

Barclay Danaher, performance engineer at STRAKKA RACING.

“We switched to RAVENOL race brake fluid at the beginning of this season and have been delighted with the results so far. We have not experienced any issues and the product has ensured a safe and predictable brake feel and performance, even over extended periods. The specification is highly suitable for extended periods of arduous use as in the World Endurance Championship. Next we move to Le Mans. This is huge challenge with heavy braking and extremely high temperatures experienced. We are confident that RAVENOL Racing Brake Fluid will ensure that we remain competitive throughout the race with no concerns about braking ability.”

With a 327°c boiling point the RAVENOL R325+ Racing Brake Fluid is certainly one of the best racing brake fluids on the market outperforming its competitors. The formula is based on top class technology with a glycol/ester system which ensures safety and consistency under continual heavy braking. The high vapour lock point results in a firmer pedal at the extremes of brake temperature. RAVENOL R325+ Racing Brake Fluid is ideal for motorsports (car or bike) where braking performance is the key to achieving the best times on the track.

Full technical specifications can be found here: http://ravenol.co.za/product/ravenol-racing-brake-fluid-r325/

As part of RAVENOL’s ongoing Technical Partnerships with leading race & rally teams and series, RAVENOL R325+ Racing Brake Fluid is already used with great success in a number of international and national racing series such as:

  • The Vauxhall Motorsport Junior Rally team
  • The Audi Sport TT Cup
  • The FIA World Rally cross Championship with Team EKS
  • The British Cross Country Championship
  • VLN Championship
  • FIA Formula 3 European Championship
  • Opel Motorsport
  • ADAC GT Masters


So if you are looking for the ultimate in braking performance, follow this link: http://ravenol.co.za/product/ravenol-racing-brake-fluid-r325/

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If you want to know more about STRAKKA RACING, visit their website: http://www.strakkaracing.com/

Audi team makes it to the top step in the Nürburgring 24h Race


Land Motorsport’s #29 Audi R8 LMS crossed the finish line as the victorious car after 24 hours of racing at the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit in the 45th edition of the 24 hours of Nürburgring.

RAVENOL’s partner LMS Engineering won the class SP3T with their Audi TT RS2, in the TCR the class win was secured by the Mathilda Racing Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR. In the same class, Bonk Motorsport came second and third with two Audis RS3 LMS featuring RAVENOL lubricants in the respective devices. The Toyota GT86 that represented RAVENOL’s involvement in the TMG GT 86 Cup finished third in the SP3 category.

Further teams, contesting the race with a Mercedes-AMG GT3 or – for instance – a Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, also could rely on motor-racing lubricants such as the RAVENOL RSS SAE 10W-60.

Altogether, RAVENOL once again impressed the front of the more than 200,000 visitors on site and the motor-racing enthusiasts around the world as official lubricant partner of the ADAC Zurich 24h Race.

Link: ADAC Zurich 24h-Rennen


RAVENOL & Toyota Motorsport

From 2017, Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH/ RAVENOL is the exclusive partner of the TMG GT86 Cup that is held within the framework of the Endurance Championship Nürburgring, VLN.

All the vehicles competing in the series will be equipped with lubricants from Werther and are made available for the competitors as part of a spare-part list. The performance and aerodynamics of the racing car once again were enhanced for the 2017 season and nonetheless, it remains a perfect tool for cost-efficient customer motor-racing.  The engine is at 200bhp two-litre flat engine, with the power being transferred by a manual six-speed gearbox. Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH complied with its technical assignment by subjecting its products to a performance upgrade according to the Toyota Motorsport GmbH specification – to be able to provide the TMG GT 86 costumers with perfectly adapted lubricants: the modified RAVENOL RRS 5W-50 for the engine and RAVENOL VSG 75W-90 respectively RAVENOL SGO 80W-140 for gearbox and differential.

For more information please take a look in the Technical Manual (Toyota).

Toyota_Technical_Manual__CS-CUP_2017-03.pdf (4.1 Mb)
TMG_GT86_Cup_Vorstellung-RAVENOL.pdf (368 Kb)

via Ravenol.com

Opel Astra TCR to contest its debut race

In the support programme of this year’s ADAC GT Masters weekend, the Opel Astra TCR will make its long awaited racing debut. The tin-top racer specially designed for the race series TCR (Touring Car Racer) will be another highlight for the touring-car series.  Following two successful test appearances, Opel Motorsport and their exclusive lubricant partner RAVENOL are very confident and curious to find out how the car will deliver in the tough ADAC TCR Germany competition at the Nürburgring. Continue reading “Opel Astra TCR to contest its debut race”

Photo finish in the LMP2

In the fourth round of the 2016 WEC season, held at the Nürburgring, Strakka Racing with a Gibson 015S – Nissan were just pipped in the battle for a podium position. In the final seconds of the race, the Ligier JSP2 leaped forward to cross the line in third position – with a 0.071-second lead over the team from Silverstone. The race was won by the Alpine A460 – Nissan. Continue reading “Photo finish in the LMP2”

RAVENOL is new ‘Lane Partner’ partner of the NitrOlympX

RAVENOL intensifies the close cooperation with the Hockenheim-Ring GmbH. In addition to the permanent partnership that has been represented by the huge RAVENOL can in the paddock since 2014, RAVENOL now also will be involved in the NitrOlympX, the European drag-racing event attracting the biggest crowd and held from 19th to 21st August, as premium partner. Continue reading “RAVENOL is new ‘Lane Partner’ partner of the NitrOlympX”