Do you know your vehicles oil requirements?

Did you know that your vehicle’s owner manual has strict guidelines about what oils you can use in your car and also how often you should change your oil? Some cars may need an oil change once a year or every 7500km – 15000km and others can have an extended drain and only need to be serviced every 2 years or 25 000km.

Californian Legislators, in an effort to prevent the deceiving and misleading of consumers with unnecessary and expensive oil changes are considering a bill that would require all automotive service providers to notify customers of the oil change interval what car makers recommend for their vehicles aswell as the oil grade and the viscosity. You can read the full article here.
There have also been many counter arguments to such legislation though, as many say your oil change should also depend on driving habits of the owner. For example frequent stopping and starting (like in rush hour traffic), frequent towing, driving in dusty conditions, frequently driving over mountains or steep hills – all factors that would indicate that you should change your oil more frequently than stated in your owners manual.
We think that having such a requirement in South Africa though would definitely be a step in the right direction though. Often workshops and car owners are unaware of these recommendations and what oil should actually go into a car. A quick check of our oil finder indicates just how many different vehicles and oil possibilities there actually are. And while there are so many different options for motor oils, many workshops standardise on 1 or 2 grades of oils to service every car that comes through their doors, unaware that in many instances they may be damaging their customers cars.
At the end of the day we still feel that its up to the vehicle owner though to make the final decision about what oil should go into their vehicle. You paid a lot of money for the vehicle and you want it to keep its value and avoid costly services. Using the wrong or cheap oil can greatly diminish the reliability and value of your vehicle, but also put your families safety at risk.
All motorists are more than welcome to pop by our shop and talk to one of our experts about making the best choice of oil for their vehicle.
Safe driving.

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