Extra Fuel Economy Lubricants


RAVENOL EFE is the future of motor oils. RAVENOL EFE 0W-16 is recommended especially for low fuel economy cars such as hybrid vehicles seeking the ultimate in engine efficiency and fuel economy. RAVENOL EFE 0W-16 was formulated with tri-nuclear molybdenum and OFM (Organic Friction Modifiers), in order to achieve minimal friction, wear, fuel consumption, and excellent cold start properties. RAVENOL EFE is an eco friendly oil and has been brought about in an effort to contribute to protecting the environment by reducing exhaust emissions

Forever Faster

RAVENOL Extra Fuel Economy EFE SAE 0W-16 is the first motor oil worldwide, with license approval from API with its specification API SN and viscosity SAE 0W-16.


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We already covered the benchmark test that compared the first fully synthetic engine oil worldwide, RAVENOL EFE 0W-16 with API SN specs and the engine oil SAE 5W-30 ACEA C3 that is particularly popular in Germany.

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Now please draw your attention to the benchmark test of the original Toyota 0W-16 engine oil and our engine oil RAVENOL EFE 0W-16 that was executed by the independent German laboratories Oelcheck and ISP. To make it easier to understand the test results we were provided with we opted to turn them into a visual information presentation (see Infografik).

RAVENOL specialises in the production of fully synthetic lubricants based on poly-alpha-olefins for motor racing and other particularly demanding service conditions. The formula of the engine oil RAVENOL EFE 0W-16 contains – in addition to PAO – highly polar basis components of the fifth group of base oils.

The result: the engine oil RAVENOL EFE 0W-16 outperforms the original engine oil Toyota 0W-16 in the most important technical areas.

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