Why should I choose Ravenol? There are numerous reasons to trust Ravenol with your engine. Ravenol is known internationally and has a reputation for quality and innovation in the oil industry (e..g they were the first company to develop a 0w16 oil). They have more OEM approvals than any other brand (based on the latest Dekra listing). You can find our more here.

Where will I be able to buy Ravenol Oil. For now, you will be able to buy from our shop in Cape Town and via an enquiry which may be sent by clicking here. (We will ship anywhere in South Africa).

What oil should I use? Please take a look at our  oil finder, or ask one of experts.

Are your oils produced locally? We import directly from Germany. This ensures our oils are produced to the highest possible quality and standards.

What about oil additives? We generally don’t recommend using them. There are quite a few of these products available on the market that claim to increase horsepower, reduce fuel consumption and reduce engine wear. Many of these products contain a base oil, usually an SAE 50 with all the standard additives such as zinc, phosphorous and sulphur compounds. This is no different to what oil blenders have already put into the oil. The only difference is that when the oil blender adds compounds, it is in very precise quantities, at specific temperatures and in a certain way to give the end lubricant very unique performance properties. All blended products are then quality tested to confirm that the additives added are in exactly the correct proportions.

To this day, DuPont claims that  polytetrafluoroethylene “PTFE” is not useful as an ingredient in oil additives or oils used for internal combustion engines. Please also read our article on PTFE Re- Visited.

Can our club come and visit? We welcome all car, bike and boat clubs. Contact us for more information about our club evenings. We are able to provide a talk on whatever oil related subject the visiting club chooses, whether synthetic oil, transmission fluid, synthetic outboard oil, antifreeze, grease and many more. People attending these talks are always amazed at the knowledge they gain.