Mitsubishi Oils by Part Number

Engine Oils:






Mitsubishi DiaQueen ECO Plus
Mitsubishi MZ102661 and Z102662

Manual Transmission and Drive Axis Fluids:

Mitsubishi 3005401

Mitsubishi 3717610

Automatic Transmission Fluids:

Mitsubishi 4030401 and Dia Queen ATF-PA
Mitsubishi V5AWF

Mitsubishi 4031610 ATF Fluid J3
Mitsubishi MZ 313771 ATF Fluid J2

Mitsubishi Dia-Queen SSTF-I
Mitsubishi MZ320065

Mitsubishi S0001401

Mitsubishi MZ102658 and MZ320261
Mitsubishi MZ320262 and MZ320288

Mitsubishi 4024401 and 4024610
Mitsubishi ACH1ZC1X05 and MZ320159
Mitsubishi MZ320160 and MZ320162
Mitsubishi MZ320216

Power Steering Fluids:

Mitsubishi Diamond PSF-2M


Mitsubishi 0103044 and 0103045
Mitsubishi MZ311986

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