RAVENOL Bremsenreiniger


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Bremsenreiniger consists of a solvent mixture that is highly effective degreasing and cleaning brakes, brake linings and clutch parts.

Bremsenreiniger is available as aerosol can or in tin containers.

Bremsenreiniger is also suitable for cleaning electric motors, generators, hydraulic parts among other things.


Application Notes


Switch off the devices in each case before using!

The parts to be treated spray well with RAVENOL Bremsenreiniger, drip and wipe off. If necessary, repeat the process. Afterwards the cleaned and dry metal parts can then be immediately treated further.
Do not use or spray on rubber, plastic or paint.


RAVENOL Bremsenreiniger offers:

  • spray deposits away completely
  • Works strong by high-quality synthetic ingredients
  • Provides easy installation and a perfect repair.
  • Fast drying
  • The spray contains no ozone depleting substances.


Ingredients: contains 30% aliphatic hydrocarbons

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500ml, 10L


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