RAVENOL Air Filter Oil Spray


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RAVENOL Air Filter Oil Spray is a spray oil for air filters made of foam.

RAVENOL Air Filter Oil Spray guarantees an optimum air admission and prevents reliably the infiltration of water, dust, sludge and sand.

RAVENOL Air Filter Oil Spray has excellent adhesive characteristics and the dirt remains in the filter.

RAVENOL Air Filter Oil Spray has a good compatibility against rubber, varnish and plastics.


Application Notes

Handling: Remove the air filter insert and spray it after having cleaned with RAVENOL Air Filter Oil Spray. Application time: 2-3 minutes.


RAVENOL Air Filter Oil Spray offers:

  • Very good penetrating properties, guarantees a good and quick infiltration of the air filters
  • Good corrosion protection characteristics because of best adhesive strength on metals
  • Creates a fine, viscous protective film which protects from humidity even at the smallest unevenness
  • Water and moisture-repellent characteristics
  • Resin-, acid- and silicone-free
  • Good compatibility against rubber, varnish and plastics

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