RAVENOL Arctic Green Grease AGG 2


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RAVENOL Arctic Green Grease AGG 2 is produced from synthetic-native esters and high grade mineral oils using thickening agents on a lithium base. RAVENOL Arctic Green Grease AGG 2 is squeeze-stable, oxidation and water resistant, and possesses excellent corrosion and wear protection properties.

Technical Characteristics and Features:

  • Excellent squeeze-stability
  • Oxidation and water resistant
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Provides a high thermal capacitance
  • Provides a high pressure absorption capacity
  • Provides a high adhesive power

Application Notes: 

RAVENOL Arctic Green Grease AGG 2 is used in high compression-loaded roller and bush bearings; such as ring mount roller bearings, bolts, sprockets, axles, screws, and much more, especially at extremely low temperatures up to -60°C.

Further examples of areas of use are lifetime lubrication in instruments, meters, optical instruments, tachometers, potentiometers, clocks, gas meters, door locks on motor vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural and industrial machines, cooling and air conditioning systems, and medical apparatus.

The upper operation temperature of RAVENOL Arctic Green Grease AGG 2 in long-term usage is around 120°C. Peaks of 160°C should not be exceeded. High temperatures lead to a reduced service life. Regular local lubrication prevents damage to materials and cuts costs.


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