FABRICATION Fully synthetic

RECOMMENDATIONS Acura 08200-9016A | Acura ATF Type 3.0 | ATF L 12108 | ATF Type 3.1 | BMW 83222167720 | BMW 83222305397 (83222152426) | Fiat 9.55550-AV5 | Honda 08200-9170 | Land Rover LR023288 | Land Rover LR023289 | Mopar 68157995AB | Mopar 68218925AA | VW G 055 162 | VW/AUDI G 060 162 A1 | VW/AUDI G 060 162 A2 | VW/AUDI G 060 162 A6 | ZF S671 090 312 | ZF TE-ML 11 9HP48


RAVENOL ATF 9HP Fluid is a fully synthetic ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid), designed on the basis of PAO (Poly-alpha-olefin) with a special additives and inhibitors, which ensure a proper function of the automatic transmission.

RAVENOL ATF 9HP Fluid is an automatic transmission fluid (ATF) of the latest generation for all 9 stroke automatic transmissions of ZF. It guarantees maximum wear protection in any operating condition.

RAVENOL ATF 9HP Fluid is green in colour.

Application Notes

RAVENOL ATF 9HP Fluid is suitable for use in automatic ZF transmission of 9HP-Series, such as 9HP48. Please observe OEM Part Numbers and their regulations!


  • Very good lubricating ability even at low temperatures in winter
  • A high, stable viscosity index
  • Very good oxidation stability
  • Protection against wear, corrosion and foam formation
  • Good balanced coefficient of friction
  • A high thermal and oxidative stability
  • An excellent cooling capacity


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1L, 4L, 10L


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