RAVENOL AWD-H Fluid (Haldex Clutch)

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RAVENOL AWD-H Fluid is a high-quality formula of high-performance oils with special additives and inhibitors. Its outstanding properties support power transmission in HALDEX clutches.

RAVENOL AWD-H Fluid is a special high-performance transmission oil for HALDEX all-wheel, quattro and 4motion drives from AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN, SEAT, SKODA, OPEL, LANDROVER, VOLVO and more.

For a list of nearly 600 vehicles that use Haldex clutch fluid, please click here.

RAVENOL AWD-H Fluid should be changed every 60,000 km in order to avoid damage to the powertrain.

RAVENOL AWD-H Fluid offers:
Outstanding flowability at low temperatures
High, stable viscosity index
Very good oxidation stability
Reliable protection against wear and tear, corrosion and foaming
Outstanding friction coefficient
High thermal and oxidative stability
Outstanding refrigerating capacity
Improved shear stability

The Haldex clutch was developed by the Swedish company Haldex, and has been used by manufacturers including VW since 1995 in various all-wheel drive models. How the Haldex clutch operates: The axle closest to the engine is constantly powered. All-wheel drive powertrains with a Haldex coupling automatically direct engine power to the other axle as required, without any intervention from the driver. Depending on the electronically-controlled blocking effect of the Haldex coupling, a variable proportion of the engine power is transferred to this axle as required. The centerpiece is a multi-plate clutch running in an oil bath, which is compressed axially. With the amount of pressure exerted, the transmittable torque can be varied, thereby regulating the transmission of power to the rear wheels. At the heart of these couplings is the control unit which evaluates the information and signals from the wheel sensors, the slip regulatory systems and brakes as well as engine signals such as the accelerator position, engine speed. Depending on this it regulates the magnitude and course of the hydraulic pressure which is exerted on the clutch plates, therefore controlling the drive on the axles.

Advantages of Haldex clutches:

• Permits permanent all-wheel drive as soon as the engine is started, can be regulated
• Guarantees track-stable acceleration
• Allows neutral/slight under steering driving styles in normal operation or over steering driving styles with excess power
• Leads to a “docile” driving style in over-run mode
• Allows different loads and is therefore also suitable for maneuvering


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