RAVENOL Bootsreiniger (Boat Cleaner)


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RAVENOL Bootsreiniger degreases and cleans all surfaces of boats and watercraft.

Highly effective in removing dirt, oil, grease, soot, nicotine, algae, tree sap, etc. without attacking the surface.

The solvent-free formulation and penetrating action is also suitable for cleaning machine parts and heavily oiled and gummed surfaces.


Application Notes

RAVENOL Bootsreiniger should be shaken well before use.

Spray well onto the parts to be treated, leave for a short while to allow product to penetrate, then rinse well with water.

Although it does not attack surfaces or seals and is not toxic or harmful, it is recommended to wash hands after use.

Avoid using in excess, it is more effective to apply successive smaller treatments.

Do not apply in direct sunshine and do not allow to dry on the treated surface.


Complexing agents, surfactants. Biodegradable to 98%.


Xi Irritant.

Keep away from children.

Can safely be handled, but it is recommended to wash hands after use Industrial hygiene Vorschriftsmaßregeln observed.


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