RAVENOL Break-In Oil SAE 20W-50


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RAVENOL Break-In Oil SAE 20W-50 is a mineral feed oil for the start-up filling and breaking-in of repaired or overhauled engines with special high-pressure additives that can withstand very high pressure.
RAVENOL Break-In Oil SAE 20W-50 dispenses with the use of friction coefficient improving additives (friction modifier) to considerably shorten the break-in phase for rebuilt and modified engines. The piston rings are rapidly seated. Due to its high content of 2.5% ZDDP (zinc dithiophosphate) (equivalent to approx. 2,500 ppm zinc), RAVENOL
Break-In Oil SAE 20W-50
 is especially recommended for driving classic V8 engines with flat tappets.
RAVENOL Break-In Oil SAE 20W-50 protects the camshaft, lifter and valve train in the running-in phase of the engine.
RAVENOL Break-In Oil SAE 20W-50 is very well suited for all high-lift and high-speed camshafts and regulates the first run-in clearance of engine mounts.
RAVENOL Break-In Oil SAE 20W-50 is well suited for racing engines, which have hardly a warm-up phase.

Application Notes

RAVENOL Break-In Oil SAE 20W-50 serves as a classic break-in oil and therefore can only remain in the engine for a short time (max. 1000km). The particularly high levels of anti-wear additives offer extra protection during the critical break-in phase of rebuilt engines.

Please pay attention to the specifications of your engine reconditioners during the break-in phase. High engine loads and speeds are to be avoided.


RAVENOL Break-In Oil SAE 20W-50 offers:

  • Very high levels of ZDDP
  • No friction modifier
  • Breaks the engine in as quickly as possible

Additional information

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1L, 4L


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