RAVENOL Feinmechaniköl


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RAVENOL Feinmechanik-Oel is a multi-purpose, universal general purpose lubricant, resin- and acid-free and therefore particularly suitable for the lubrication of high technology precision mechanics.
RAVENOL Feinmechanik-Oel is dewaxed and treated in the hydrofinishing process and oxidizes itself only very slowly under UV and oxygen influence.
RAVENOL Feinmechanik-Oel is also suitable for very fast-acting mechanism.


Application Notes

RAVENOL Feinmechanik-Oel can be used as a universal general purpose oil both in the home and out for bicycles, sewing machines, household and office equipment, locks, tools, cars, motorcycles, hobby work etc. and anywhere that this type of multi-purpose oil is required.


RAVENOL Feinmechanik-Oel offers:

  • Free from resin and acid, therefore no binding of deposits
  • Low sulfur content
  • Non-aging oil with a good viscosity-temperature behavior
  • Good anticorrosive characteristics
  • Very good wear reduction
  • Easy handling and sprayability
  • Wear protection and pressure absorption capacity


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