RAVENOL Fließverbesserer – Diesel Antifreeze


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RAVENOL Fließverbesserer can be mixed and is compatible with all diesel fuels (except Biodiesel) as well as fuel oils EL. Higher dosings as recommended are harmless. Demixing won’t occur.

Practical experiences show that under consideration of the diferent kind of diesel fuels and fuel oils EL offered on the market following cold properties are given.


Application Notes

Addition: Liter Ravenol

Fließverbesserer to Liter

Diesel fuel respectively fuel oil EL

Operating temperature
Summer-Diesel fuel as well as fuel oil EL 1 : 1000 *) – 10°C
2 : 1000 – 18°C
3 : 1000 – 23°C
4 : 1000 – 25°C
Winter-Diesel-fuel 1 : 1000 – 25°C
2 : 1000 – 28°C
3 : 1000 – 31°C

*) The cold properties depend on the used DK respectively fuel oil EL. When admixing in a ratio of 1:1000 normally an improvement of the cold properties by 5 °C to 10 °C are possible.


The basic advantages of RAVENOL Fließverbesserer are:

• Complete restless burning

• No erosion of the flammability

• No change of the hazard category

• No reduction of the viscosity, no illegal wastage in the pump


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