RAVENOL Gear Trans Synth GTS SAE 75W-90


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OIL TYPE: Full synthetic
APPROVALS: DTFR 12B140 (MB 235.8) | MAN 341 GA1 | MAN 341 Z1 | MAN 342 S1 | Scania STO 1:1 G | Scania STO 2:0 A FS | ZF TE-ML 02B (ZF006038) | ZF TE-ML 05A (ZF006038) | ZF TE-ML 12L (ZF006038) | ZF TE-ML 12N (ZF006038) | ZF TE-ML 16F (ZF006038) | ZF TE-ML 17B (ZF006038) | ZF TE-ML 19C (ZF006038) | ZF TE-ML 21A (ZF006038)
RECOMMENDATION: Arvin Meritor 076-N | DAF | Dana SHAES 256 Rev C | Dana SHAES 429 | DFS93K219.01 | Isuzu Axle Oil | Isuzu Large Manual Transmission Oil | Isuzu LCV Front Axle Oil | IVECO | Mack GO-J | MAN 341 Z2 | MAN 342 M3 | MB 235.8 | MB 235.9 | Meritor 0-95 | Renault | Voith Turbo 132.00374401 | Voith Turbo 132.00374402 | VOLVO 97312 | ZF TE-ML 07A | ZF TE-ML 08 | ZF TE-ML 12B | ZF TE-ML 13


RAVENOL GEAR TRANS SYNTH GTS SAE 75W-90 is a full synthetic axle drive oil based on the latest full synthetic components for commercial vehicles.

RAVENOL GEAR TRANS SYNTH GTS SAE 75W-90 is designed on the basis of high quality synthetic base oils with special additivation and inhibition, which ensure proper functioning of the gearbox. It was specially developed to meet the latest requirements of axle drive manufacturers, especially according to Daimler specification 235.8/ DTFR 12B140.

Application Notes

RAVENOL GEAR TRANS SYNTH GTS SAE 75W-90 is excellent for use in heavily loaded axle drives of commercial vehicles.

RAVENOL GEAR TRANS SYNTH GTS SAE 75W-90 is suitable for non-synchronized manual transmissions, for which an oil according to API GL-5 or GL-4 is prescribed.


  • high additive reserves for prolonged oil change intervals according to the manufacturer instructions
  • excellent cold flow properties
  • good wear protection protects the gearbox
  • Fuel savings even with short distances in low outside temperatures
  • stable lubricating film even under high stress
  • extreme low pour point
  • Can be used at changing temperatures due to the high viscosity index


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