RAVENOL Gearbox Hydraulic Actuator Fluid GHA-F


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RECOMMENDATIONS Fiat 14621616 | Fiat 9.55550-SA1 | Fiat F005.F98 | Fiat/Alfa Romeo 15081616 CS SPEED for Dualogic | Peugeot/Citroën 9979.A4 for MCP Automated Gearbox | Suzuki 99000M24121-135 | Suzuki AMT Actuator Fluid


RAVENOL Gearbox Hydraulic Actuator Fluid GHA-F is a semi synthetic special hydraulic fluid based on synthetic and mineral oil with non-ash forming additives. The properties of RAVENOL Gearbox Hydraulic Actuator Fluid GHA-F are decisively determined by its special formulation. We guarantee an excellent low temperature stability.

Application Notes

RAVENOL Gearbox Hydraulic Actuator Fluid GHA-F is designed for a range of application from -40°C to +100°C.

RAVENOL Gearbox Hydraulic Actuator Fluid GHA-F is used in electrically controlled MCP gearboxes from Peugeot/Citroën and in Dualogic and Selespeed gearboxes from FIAT/Alfa Romeo and therefore, shows ideal performance as a special hydraulic fluid in electrohydraulic and electrically controlled gears and gearshifts.


RAVENOL Gearbox Hydraulic Actuator Fluid GHA-F offers:

  • Extremely low pour point.
  • Improved viscosity and friction value characteristics.
  • Very good wear protection.
  • An excellent thermal stability.
  • Improved EP properties.
  • Good foaming characteristics.
  • Neutral behaviour towards sealing compounds.
  • Reliable protection against corrosion.


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