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RECOMMENDATION Allison TES-295 | Allison TES-468 | Caterpillar 6-speed CX31 | Caterpillar 8-speed Super-Heavy-Duty CX35 | MAN 339 Z4 | MB 236.91 | Renk Doromat | Voith H55.63353x (G607) | Voith H55.63363x (G1363) | ZF TE-ML 14E | ZF TE-ML 16N


RAVENOL LKW ATF Synthetik is a synthetic automatic transmission oil developed specifically for the latest generation of commercial vehicle automatic transmissions.

RAVENOL LKW ATF Synthetik allows oil change intervals to be extended even under severe operating conditions. A new type of additive technology allowed ultimate performance to be achieved with respect to ideal and constant friction characteristics, excellent shearing stability, and fluidity at low temperatures, steady wear protection and outstanding oxidation stability.

Application Note

RAVENOL LKW ATF Synthetik was developed for use in automatic transmissions in motor vehicles as well as torque converter and power-shift transmissions with the indicated specifications.


  • Reliable protection from wear, sludge, adhesion and corrosion
  • Excellent, highly shearing stable viscosity-temperature properties
  • Excellent performance in very low and very high temperatures
  • A thermally extremely high load capacity
  • Non-foaming even in extreme conditions
  • Neutral behavior towards sealing materials


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Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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