RAVENOL MARINE Power Trim & Steering Fluid


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RAVENOL  MARINE Power Trim & Steering Fluid is a high quality hydraulic oil based on specially selected solvent refined base oils.

It is particularly characterized by a high and stable viscosity index and reliable corrosion protection. Effective additives provide an excellent wear protection even under extreme loads. The behaviour towards sealing materials is neutral.

Application Notes

RAVENOL  MARINE Power Trim & Steering Fluid is an excellent product for lubrication of hydraulics in the marine area.

May not be used if in the hydraulic systems are silver and / or silver-plated construction and operating elements present.


RAVENOL  MARINE Power Trim & Steering Fluid offers:

  • A high and stable viscosity index
  • Excellent protection against wear
  • Widest possible protection against corrosion
  • A very good air and water separation to prevent foaming
  • A neutral attitude towards plastic and seals
  • A very low pour point


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