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RAVENOL Marinefett is a yellow-green, fluorescent, sea-water resistant lubrication grease with long-term adhesion properties. It is based on a special, calcium soap and a high-viscous synthetic base oil, as well as specifically selected active ingredients to protect against oxidation, rust and corrosion.

RAVENOL Marinefett is a high-pressure grease with exceptionally good adhesion and threading properties. Bearing wear is effectively reduced even under extreme loads.

RAVENOL Marinefett is extremely water-resistant and particularly resistant against washing out from bearings, sliding points and metal surfaces.

RAVENOL Marinefett provides protections against corrosion for ship parts that are exposed to seawater.

RAVENOL Marinefett is preferred in the marine sector.

However, it can also be used wherever a calcium-soaped grease is required –  in industry, for motor vehicles, by do-it-yourselfers and in the home.

Application Notes

RAVENOL Marinefett is used as boat grease for external parts of ships that are exposed to saline air humidity and direct contact with seawater and require a high degree of rust and corrosion protection. (e.g. periscopes and turret hatch closures of submarines).

RAVENOL Marinefett can be used for external lubrication in industry and farming, e.g. machines, metal parts, joints, wire ropes that are exposed to damp air, wet mine conditions or usual environmental influences.

RAVENOL Marinefett can be used to lubricate sliding and rolling bearings, guides, control levers and water pumps that are exposed to thermal and mechanical normal loaded. Also for greasing and protecting vehicle parts at risk of rusting (engine compartment, doors, car boot, welding seams, cavities).

Any rust should be removed before applying the grease a.

RAVENOL Marinefett can be used over a broad temperature range and provides extremely good protection against corrosion due to its good adhesion properties.


RAVENOL Marinefett  offers:

  • Seawater resistant
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Universal use
  • Extremely shear stable
  • Exceedingly excellent wear protection
  • Very good mechanical and chemical stability
  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Very good resistance to ageing
  • Good pumpability, also at low temperature


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