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RAVENOL MTF-2 SAE 75W-80 is a PAO based fully synthetic low-viscosity transmission oil for modern manual transmission.

RAVENOL MTF-2 SAE 75W-80 is designed based on synthetic base oils and specially coordinated additive treatment. This exceeds the needs of today’s application requirements.

RAVENOL MTF-2 SAE 75W-85 is outstanding for use under severe mechanical and thermal stress on transmission oils, even with extended oil change intervals.

Application Notes

RAVENOL MTF-2 SAE 75W-80 is a fully synthetic transmission oil for manual transmissions.


RAVENOL MTF-2 SAE 75W-80 offers:

  • A high-pressure stable lubricating film even at high oil temperatures and under high stress.
  • Outstanding shearing stability and excellent thermal stability.
  • Excellent viscosity-temperature properties.
  • High oxidation stability.
  • Excellent wear protection, outstanding EP properties.
  • Low foaming property even at high speeds.
  • Good shifting behaviour even in low temperatures, extremely low pour point.
  • Extended life.


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