RAVENOL Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cloth


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RAVENOL MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANING CLOTHS are indispensable for cleaning dirty hands during and after workshop jobs. May be used to clean vehicle surfaces. To clean or polish, simply open the package and separate one or more wipes from the roll at the perforation.


RAVENOL MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANING CLOTHS are multi-purpose tissues made of extremely resistant fabric for cleaning and polishing. These absorbent tissues clean without leaving residues.

RAVENOL MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANING CLOTHS are suitable for use either wet or dry and for indoor or outdoor use.

RAVENOL MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANING CLOTHS are perfectly suited to remove moisture and dirt from windows, mirrors, vehicle windows, car headlights and helmet visors. They have antistatic, polishing effect. Due to their soft surface, the tissues are perfect for cleaning smooth surfaces.


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