RAVENOL Petrol Octane Booster


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RAVENOL Petrol Octane Booster is an environmentally-friendly additive to increase the octane rating by 3-8 points for low-grade or insufficient fuel quality.

RAVENOL Petrol Octane Booster prevents engine noise such as ringing, banging or retarded engine ignition.

RAVENOL Petrol Octane Booster improves handling performance in peak ranges.


Application Notes

RAVENOL Petrol Octane Booster is added to the petrol.

Area of application:

  • Petrol-operated engines
  • Low-grade fuel
  • For performance enhancement


Application: Pour the contents of the container into the full tank. The ideal dosage is a can of RAVENOL Petrol Octane Booster per 40 litres of petrol.



RAVENOL Petrol Octane Booster provides:

  • Increased octane rating by at least three points
  • Improved engine performance
  • Protection against wear and tear on valve seats and discharge valves


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