RAVENOL SCOOTER 4-Takt Fullsynth.


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OIL TYPE Fully Synthetic

RECOMMENDATION Aprilia | Arctic Cat | Argo | Bombardier | Dinli | Honda | Kawasaki | Peugeot | Piaggio | Polaris | Suzuki | Yamaha

RAVENOL SCOOTER 4-Takt Fullsynth. is a fully synthetic high quality green colored engine oil based on PAO for 4-stroke small engines. A specially designed additive package and a formulation with special ingredients for a high viscosity index ensure for a clean engine and clean inlet and exhaust systems and thus proper lubrication and wear protection.

RAVENOL SCOOTER 4-Takt Fullsynth. due to its special additives and the selection of base oils and its viscosity an energy-saving operation of engines. Due to its special active ingredients ensures

RAVENOL SCOOTER 4-Takt Fullsynth. for a cleaner engine and clean inlet and exhaust systems.

RAVENOL SCOOTER 4-Takt Fullsynth. is the product for optimal life of the machine. RAVENOL SCOOTER 4-Takt Fullsynth. ensures excellent cold start performance for optimum lubrication safety in the cold run phase.


Application Notes

RAVENOL SCOOTER 4-Takt Fullsynth. is for use in 4 -Stroke engines.


  • High wear protection
  • Fuel savings through smooth running properties
  • Excellent detergent and dispersant properties
  • Prevention of black sludge formation
  • Long life due to high oxidation stability
  • Excellent cold start behavior
  • Very good viscosity-temperature behavior
  • Low evaporation tendency


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