RAVENOL Super Saegekettenoel (Chainsaw Oil)


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APPROVALS: KWF-Test (Prüfnummer 4979)


RAVENOL Super Saegekettenoel is a rapid biodegradable chainsaw oil, that hassuccessfully passed the KWF Test (Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik).

RAVENOL Super Saegekettenoel is made ​​from specially selected vegetable oils and toxicological proper additives which do not pollute, because there they are degraded by microorganisms in a short time.

RAVENOL Super Saegekettenoel contains active ingredients based on natural raw materials to improve the mixing behavior of friction and shear-resistant adhesive additives that provide a good lubrication for high-speed chain.

Application Notes

RAVENOL Super Saegekettenoel is a chain oil for the lubrication of high-performance saws of all makes. Optimized full lubrication in summer and winter, even under difficult conditions and due to high power reserves when sawing hardwood.

Shelf life of RAVENOL Super Saegekettenoel: 18 months at – 20°C to +30°C storage temperature. For cleaning of chain saws, we recommend RAVENOL Kaltreiniger.


  • Very good viscosity-temperature behavior
  • Very good low temperature resistance
  • Excellent adhesion and lubrication properties
  • High level of protection against wear and corrosion, reduce friction
  • Economic consumption, extended service life
  • Good long-term low-temperature behavior at -18°C for 100 h: properly filling
  • Rapid biodegradability


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Dimensions 18 × 11 × 35 cm


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