Ravenol launches new RAVENOL USVO® (Ultra Strong Viscosity Oil)

With Ravenol’s USVO oils, RAVENOL now offers “state of the art” products that are second to none. Motorsport lubricant technology is now also available for the street!

Why does RAVENOL offers two quality grades with similar or comparable approvals/ specifications?

Manufacturer specifications such as VW 504 00 / 507 00 cover a variety of aggregates in many different vehicle types, such as a 1.4L TDI in the Volkswagen Polo V, a 3.0L TDI in the Audi Q7 through to the Audi RS6 5.0 TFSI quattro.
The manufacturer specifications can only ever cover a minimum requirement for average use, but not different driving styles and areas of usage and the resulting strains. An AUDI RS6 with over 500 hp is generally driven in a different way to a Volkswagen 1.4L Polo. The lubricants used in such vehicles are therefore also subject to greater levels of strain, for example as a result of shear forces and higher operating temperatures.
In order to offer both groups of customers a product which is tailored to their requirements, RAVENOL offers OEM-grade and USVO-grade products and the latter significantly exceed manufacturer specifications. Ravenol customers now have the choice of which technology to choose.
The special feature of the new RAVENOL USVO® oils is that they have almost no shear losses due to their special formulation of selected base oils and additives.

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