Imagine being able to purchase a state-of-the-art racing oil for your car, that still met the OEM warranty requirements for your car.

RAVENOL REP Racing Extra Performance SAE 5W-30 is a state of the art racing oil blended for exactly that purpose. RAVENOL REP Racing Extra Performance SAE 5W-30 is a modern, fully synthetic, fuel-saving, low friction multi-grade engine oil.

Now you can fill your cars engine with a full-on racing synthetic oil and still remain within the OEM specifications and requirements of your car.

This oil is not only impressive as a result of its low sulphated ash content; it also has reduced HTHS (high temperature – high shear) viscosity for measurable fuel savings.

This means that you can use the same high tech, high performance engine oil usually reserved for racing car engines in your “daily drive” or street car as it meets the requirements of the following OEM’s:

License: API SN

MB-Approval 229.51, MB-Approval 229.52, Renault RN0700/RN0710, GM dexos2™, BMW Longlife-04.

Practice and tested in aggregates with filling
MB 226.5, Race Partnerships: Nürburgring Tested, Hockenheim Premium Partner, Recommendation of Ralf Schumacher.

Using a Racing Oil in your car has many advantages:

  • Ultra-modern fully synthetic engine oil designed for a racing car which includes special tungsten additives that smooth the surface structure of the motor, reducing friction and wear, and significantly improving mechanical efficiency.
  • Fuel saving regarding partial load operation and full power operation
  • Very low evaporation tendency
  • Very stable and excellent viscosity behaviour
  • Very good cold start characteristics
  • Safe lubricating layer at very high operating temperatures
  • Very good detergent and dispersant characteristics
  • Good protection against corrosion and foam formation
 You can read more about this racing oil here.

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