Ravenol South Africa sponsors Chicken Runners Scooter Club

Called the Chicken Runners Scooter Club, a group of friends who own vintage Vespa’s (1960 – 1980 models) take part in fund raisers for various charity organizations. They chose this year to raise funds for the ADCare Group who over the past 10 years have cared for thousands of elderly people with Advanced Alzheimer’s Dementia and MS. They also provide Frail and Hospice Care. The ADCare Group support all these patients with regards to their full boarding as well as medication and toiletries and all other needs as would be required by a frail patient. They receive no government grants or support and are fully dependent on the families of their patients and the support of public donations such as this project to keep their doors open. The proceeds of this fundraiser will be utilised for medical equipment such as oxygen cylinders, wheelchairs, Zimmer frames and other much needed medical equipment.

The Chicken Runners Scooter Club are again doing a Vespa Charity tour on behalf of the ADCare Group to the Eastern Cape and will be riding with 15 Classic Vespa’s from Roodepoort past Lesotho to East London, Port Elizabeth and back. A round trip of 2 700 km. The ride is from the 30th of March to the 7th of April. Ravenol South Africa have sponsored all the fully synthetic two stroke oil called Ravenol VSZ, required for the Vespa’s to complete this trip.

All the costs of the tour are for the “Chicken Runners” own account. Please assist them in reaching their fund raising goal by supporting this worthy cause. Please visit the ADCare Groups website to see how you can make a difference in these elderly folks lives – http://www.adcare.co.za/



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